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There is a huge amount of creativity going on at the moment regarding the development of new courses. Some of these are based on historic evidence, others to test a particular skill.

Here we have collected these different events together. We hope that this will both encourage people to dip in and try out a new style for some variety in their training, and to be innovative with their own course designs.


Courses can be submitted to our email address or by clicking here. Twice a year (in October-November, and February-March) the committee will get together to discuss the inclusion of new courses. Take a look at the courses included so far for the information we require and how we prefer the information to be set out.




Courses have been split into categories to facilitate people finding the type of course that they're interested in:

  • Track events

  • Arena courses

  • Open field courses


Courses have also been marked with an approximate level of difficulty for both riding        and archery         .
Green = easy. Orange = medium. Red = hard
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Track events

Korean type

Hungarian type

Qabaq type


Arena courses

Open field courses

Walk/Trot courses

Walk/Trot courses

FFE events

Club 1, Korean          Club1, Hungarian

Club 2a                       Club 2b

Club 3

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