Arena 30, Walk course


Name: Arena 30, Walk Course


Course diagram:

Track required: 30m track 2-4m wide, designed to fit in a 40m long arena 

Equipment required: 3 targets with FITA80 target faces



  • 6 runs in total: 3 runs of the straight-target track and 3 runs of the angled-target track.

  • Targets are set back 7m from the edge of the demarcated run.

  • FITA80 target faces. 5 zone scoring.

  • Arrows may be carried in the hand or a quiver.

  • A helper may walk with or lead the horse as required.

  • No timing. Try to stay in walk, but no penalty for trotting by accident.

  • On the straight-target track you may shoot 1 arrow at each target

  • On the angled-target track unlimited numbers of arrows may be shot, the best 2 hits on each target will score


  • 5 zone scoring: 1-5 pts

  • 3 bonus points are awarded if a rider scores on all 3 targets.

  • No time constraints/points

Developed by: Claire & Dan Sawyer for HorseBack UK


Benefits: Possible to set up in a 40m arena. The 10m spacing between targets ensure that even at walk there is some urgency with nocking. The angulation of targets on the angled track variant is not severe so the course is possible for disabled riders with limited ability to turn in the saddle.

Safety notes: None 



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