IHAA Grading system

This grading system for assessing the skill level of horseback archers has been set up with the following aims:

  • To allow mounted archers to have a fixed standard with which they can compare their ability from season to season, individually or against friends, so that they can monitor their improvement and find encouragement to practise and improve.

  • To provide an achievable goal for anyone in the sport, from beginners to experts.

  • As more people enter the sport grading provides a structure by which people may be grouped in competitions, so that they are competing against opponents of a similar standard, and all have a chance to win against their peers.

  • To allow competition organisers to identify those with sufficient ability to compete at a particular event and potentially satisfy insurers of the competence of participants.


Table of required scores

Instructions for participation in the classification system



Canter grading

6 Student levels: S1 to S6.

These require a demonstration of ability in the Korean discipline only. All points must be earned by hitting the target - there are no speed points (infact timing is not even required) but you must stay in canter throughout.

This was designed to recognise the importance of good technique and accurate shooting as the backbone of horseback archery. 

8 Horseback Archer levels: HA1 to HA8.

All of these require the ability to attain a set standard in both Korean and Hungarian disciplines thereby testing skill in a variety of events/styles.

For all HA grades two scores must be submitted for both Korean and Hungarian; this introduces the requirement of consistency of performance. We hope this will improve the reliability of classification and people’s confidence in it.

Please note that IHAA grades can only be gained through awarding bodies sanctioned by the IHAA.

These are: Australia (AHAA), USA (MA3), UK (BHAA), South Africa, Holland (HoH), France (through Alan le Gall/FFE),  Sweden (SBF-BB), Finland (SRJL), Poland (through Wojtek Osiecki/Stajnia Grom), Germany (Die Steppenreiter e.V.), Canada (CFMA), Russia & Denmark.



No other organisations have had any input in the development of IHAA grades, nor are permitted to award the grades.

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