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The IHAA Walk/Trot grades that were introduced in late 2017 are based on the Novice grading system developed by the AHAA and used in Australia for several years already. The aim is to provide a framework of attainment levels for those practising their horseback archery at walk or trot; similar to the Student and Horseback Archer grades the IHAA has run for some time for those shooting while cantering.

WT1 can be gained with a single score recorded at walk. WT2-5 require 2 returns: these may be 2 walk scores (on the same or different tracks), 2 trot scores, or one of each. All scores included in an application must have been obtained within 2 years of the date of application. For more rules on how to grade follow this link.

A lead rein may be used where necessary, though your governing body should be advised of this as some differentiate those obtaining the grade while being led or riding independently.

The grades are also open to those shooting from a carriage or trap (please apply the same gait rules whether the horse is being ridden or driven)

We hope that working through the grades will provide motivation and satisfaction to those taking part! 

The countries awarding these walk/trot grades are: Australia (AHAA), Belgium, France (FFE), Germany (die Steppenreiter), Ireland (HAI), Luxembourg, The Netherlands (HOH), UK (BHAA), USA (MA3)

Please contact your national awarding body for information about grading and getting your badges from them. For those in countries with no awarding body - please get in touch with the IHAA.

Eligible courses for Walk Grading

Korean triple (K3)            [rules]     [scoresheet]

Aussie triple (A3)             [rules]      [scoresheet]

Arena30                             [rules]      [scoresheet]

FFE Club 3                          [rules]      [scoresheet]

Eligible courses for Trot Grading

Korean triple (K3)            [rules]     [scoresheet]

Aussie triple (A3)             [rules]      [scoresheet]

Arena30                             [rules]      [scoresheet]

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