National Associations and
affiliated schools and clubs

  • AHAA (Australian Horse Archery Association)

  • Austrian Horseback Archers

  • BHAA (British Horseback Archery Association)

  • CFMA (Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery)

  • Club Deportivo Dragon Riders, Spain

  • FFE (Fédération Francophone d'Equitation, Belgium)

  • FMAA (Finnish Mounted Archery Association)

  • France (a cooperative of local clubs are affiliated together)

  • Greek Centaurs

  • Horse Archery Association of Singapore (HAAS)

  • Horseback Archery Denmark (HBADK)

  • HoH (Horseback Archers of Holland)

  • Horseback Archery Ireland

  • Horseback Archers RussiaSports Equestrian Club (Спортивный конный клуб "Конные лучники России")

  • Íjász Útja Iskola (Way of Archer Horseback Archery School, Hungary)

  • Japan International Horseback Archery Association

  • Juangongshe group, China

  • Luxembourg (a cooperation of BRL (Boureider Lëtzebuerg) and other clubs)

  • MA3 (Mounted Archery Association of the Americas)

  • Perdana Indonesia

  • Persian Horseback Archery Association, Iran

  • PHAA (Polish Horseback Archery Association)

  • SAHAA (South African Horseback Archery Association)

  • SBB (Sveriges Beridna Bågskyttar, Sweden) 

  • Steppenreiter (Germany)

  • Traditional Sport Branches Federation (Turkey)

  • Ukrainian Horseback Archery Association



Please check on the national associations' websites for details of clubs affiliated to them.



Please contact us if you wish your organisation to be listed

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