IHAA Competitions

All of the IHAA major championships run the Combined Horseback Archery Event - the combination of the three varied phases of the Hungarian, Korean and Polish events.

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World Championships


The IHAA World Championships will take place every other year, starting in 2018 with the First Horseback Archery Open World Championship in Budapest-Pomáz, Hungary.  

European Championships


The IHAA European Championships will take place every other year. The inaugural competition was held in 2017 in Lamotte-Beuvron, France, in partnership with FFE & FITE.

European Grand Prix Series


The European Grand Prix Series is a team competition which has been running since 2014. This annual event comprises of three stages spread throughout the season teams of three from each country compete to accumulate points which contribute toward their team's total at the end of the season. This competition rewards consistency through the season and breadth within and national squad.

World Grand Prix Series


The World Grand Prix Series is a postal team championships which is new in 2020, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. This event requires each teams riders to accumulate points in competiting on 3 tracks (T90, R233 & Skirmish-90) which contribute toward their team's total at the end of the season. Competition must take place on nominated competition dates, and a teams 9 riders are split into 3 sub-teams of 3 who each compete on a separate date, so the team's involvement with the competition is throughout the season.

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