International postal matches

The concept of postal matches is not a new one. They have been common in target archery for many years. Postal competitions are ideal for our sport: even within our own countries we are spread out and only a fortunate few are able to travel abroad to compete in person with foreign friends. With these postal matches you can compete at home or in your local club, on a familiar horse, and at the time of your choosing.
We welcome participation from everyone; from beginners to masters, regardless of school or affiliation. There are no prizes and people are not judgmental. Let’s all just have fun shooting together!




Our first postal match in July 2013 attracted 63 participants from 6 countries, which we were delighted by.  We aim to run a match every couple of months with a different course each time. We will try to make participation possible for everyone by using standard track lengths (ie 90-100m), using easy to purchase target faces (ie FITA80 for most tracks), and runs can be scored with a stopwatch.

Each match will be a challenge set by a club from the IHAA affiliated nations; hosted on this website by the IHAA. At least half of the matches will be our standard Korean and Hungarian courses, the rest will be an opportunity for us to try something different, one of the courses from the course database. 

The rules and a scoring spreadsheet for the next match will be posted here and results should be returned through our scores return site: Results will be posted here and on our Facebook page a couple of days after the deadline.

As of September 2019, we have two canter postal matches running at the same time: first there is the standard postal match which is either 6 runs of Hungarian or 6 runs of Korean on a 90 meter track. This is to keep the postals accessible for everyone.

In a seperate match, we will have a try-out postal match in which we try the more difficult tracks we don't often get to do. This is to give room for experiments and new challenges. These postals aren't suited for beginners, but are set up with the more experienced horsebackarchers in mind. More explanation can be found here.


In the beginning of 2020 the Arena Course Postal Matches were introduced. These are postal matches that can be held in a 40x20m arena. Read more about them here.

Later in 2020 we introduced the Postal Polish Track.

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