Guidelines for participation

  • Just one entry per person please

  • You should nominate your attempt in advance, no having another go if you don't like your score!

  • Whether you shoot better or worse than normal please do still send in your score. We always have a wide range of scores and everybody has good days and bad days. 
    All club captains running postal matches should please ensure everyone realises they are shooting a competition score before commencing.

  • Please check the rules for the number of warm up runs (with shooting), usually 1 before starting to score; this is to replicate competition conditions where a lengthy warm up session of shooting from your horse is rarely possible. With at least a 30 minute break from any previous session.

  • Scoresheets to record the times of runs and the points you shoot are provided below.

  • Times can be recorded using electronic timing gates, or stopwatches (either a synchronised double stopwatch system using the lap function to note the time when the horse passed the start/finish, or a single stopwatch system with helpers indicating when the horse passes the gate)

  • Please advise us of your club and nationality and age (if under 18).

  • In order to participate you must be shooting a bow that is not centreshot & does not have a shelf or rest on which you can rest an arrow.

  • Return scores via the postal match returns site as soon as possible, and definitely before the stated returns deadline. The returns site will ask you to input the time and scores achieved and will calculate the results for you (adding in bonuses as necessary).

  • ENJOY!

Rules for the July-August try-out  postal match: [ Click here to access standard postal ]

  • 6 runs of Skirmish 90

  • Last shooting date is the last day of the second month, return scores before midnight on the day after.

  • The course will be timed and run on a 90 meter course. You may warm up your horse, without shooting, as much as necessary. One practice run with shooting is permitted before starting to score. 

  • Please set the course as per the rules and diagrams.


Skirmish 90




Rules for the September-October  try-out postal match:

  • To be decided in August

Returning scores:

  • Result may be entered straight onto the website

  • Please input on the returns system if a junior competitor (14-17y at the end of the currrent year), or disabled, plus information on club and nationality.

  • If using the system for the first time
    1. Use the "register" link (bottom left on to create an account in the system
    2. Ask Radek (Facebook or to activate the account
    4. Add your club (if it is not there already) under the "database > clubs" option
    5. Next, if you wish you can add your riders (under database > riders) and horses (under database > horses) at this point, though they can be added later
    (all of these can be edited by the person who registered them or by admin (Radek or Arno) )

  • If using the system for a second time OR continuing on from above
    1. Select database > postal match
    2. Choose the current postal match (which will have "in progress" as its status)
    3. Click on "add result"
    4. Select your rider and horse (you can add them here if you have not already added them)
    Do not try to add a new rider or horse after entering your data as it will wipe your data
    5. Add the time and the target scores for each run. Then click "save"
    The total will be displayed at the bottom. If there are any errors you can correct that entry and press "save" again
    6. When you have saved this entry and are happy that it is correct then press "clear" and enter your next entry following steps 4 and 5 as before

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