Guidelines for participation

  • Just one entry per person per pace please. It is permitted to return a score for both the walk match and the trot match

  • You should nominate your attempt in advance, no having another go if you don't like your score!
    Also please do still send in your score even if you shot below your potential and aren't very pleased with it. 
    All club captains running postal matches should please ensure everyone realises they are shooting a competition score before commencing.

  • You may warm up your horse as much as necessary but only 1 mounted shooting practise before starting the match. If you have been training earlier, take at least a 30 minute break.

  • There is no requirement of timing the runs. Speed is not important only the pace.

  • Please advise us of:
    your club and nationality
    age (if under 18) and category (junior = 14-17y at the end of the currrent year, child = under 14).
    if you were shooting from a horse drawn carriage /cart / trap, please email us to let us know
    if you are disabled then please tick the box on the rider profile (physical or learning disabilities, no categorisation).

  • Normally for horsearchery you must be shooting a bow that is not centreshot
    and does not have a shelf or rest on which you can rest an arrow.
    However for these matches we have relaxed these rules to allow beginners
    who haven't yet bought horsebows to participate. You may use any bow
    without sights (except a compound or crossbow

  • ENJOY!

Rules:  Korean Triple


Scoresheet: Korean Triple

Rules for the next postal match:

  • January-February - Walk / Trot Korean Triple

  • Last shooting date 29/02/19, please return scores by midnight of 01/03/20

  • The course should be run on a 50-90 meter course. You may warm up your horse, without shooting, as much as necessary. One practice run is permitted before starting to score. 

  • Korean Triple track at walk or trot

  • For runs 1-3 only 1 arrow may be shot at each target
    For runs 4-6 multiple arrows may be shot at each target, all hits will count

  • FITA80 targets at 7m

  • You can enter both the walk and the trot matches if you wish (and the canter match too...)

  • Instructions for returning postal match scores

    If using the system for the first time
    1. Contact Radek (, or Arno ( & ask them to issue you some personal login details for the system
    3. Add your club (if it is not there already) under the "database > clubs" option
    4. Next, if you wish you can add your riders (under database > riders) and horses (under database > horses) at this point, though they can be added later(all of these can be edited by the person who registered them or by admin (Radek & Arno) )

    If using the system for a second time OR continuing on from above
    1. Select database > postal match
    2. Choose the current postal match (which will have "in progress" as its status)
    3. Click on "add result"
    4. Select your rider and horse (you can add them here if you have not already added them)Do not try to add a new rider or horse after entering your data as it will wipe your data
    5. Add the time and the target scores for each run. Then click "save"
    The total will be displayed at the bottom. If there are any errors you can correct that entry and press "save" again
    6. When you have saved this entry and are happy that it is correct then press "clear" and enter your next entry following steps 4 and 5 as before

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