Postal Polish Match

General rules for Hunt track

Current Postal Polish Match:

01-07-20 until 31-09-20

Next Postal Polish Match:

01-10-20 until 30-11-20

Results: 2020 (to be added)

As we all know, the hunt track has fairly open rules to set up the track. Within some overall constraints, every hunt track can be set up differently. And this is the beauty of the style.

To use the hunt track in a postal match, everyone would have to use the same track. To accomplish this, Wojtek Osiecki designed a track that is relatively easy to set up on any open field. This way we can compare results earned under the same conditions and with a standard hunt tracks scoring in a postal match around the World.


The rules for the postal Polish match are the same as the standard rules for the hunt track.

Video of the track:


See the above track layout PDF for all the details on setting this up. 

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