Postal Polish Match

General rules for Hunt track

Next Postal Polish Match:

01-07-20 until 31-09-20

Results: 2020 (to be added)

As we all know, the hunt track has pretty much open rules to set up the track. Despite there are described rules, every hunt track can be set up differently. And this is the beauty of this style.

To make practising the hunt trackpossible in a postal match, everybody will have to use the same track. That's why Wojtek Osiecki designed a track that is relatively easy to set up on any open field. This way we can compare results earned under the same conditions and with the standard hunt tracks scoring, in a postal match around the World.


The rules for the postal polish match are the same as the standard rules for the hunt track.

Video of the track:

Track layout

  • The track is built in an arena or on an open field of 50x90m. There are two loops forming a figure of 8 – bigger (inside edge 50x44m) and smaller (30x44m) – with space for the track.

  • The track is 3 – 4 m wide, fenced on both sides with proper posts and lines (regular, safe fence).

  • The total length of the track is 320 m, the time limit is 55 sec. (according to 350m/min. rule).

  • Left handed competitors run in the opposite direction of the track. The only difference is the need to exchange the first target – jarmaki with the last target – off side, on the track (as shown on the diagram). They need to be put on the same spot and angle. In this way left handed competitors have exactly the same set and order of targets on the track, just their route is in the opposite direction.


  • Regular target faces are FITA 80. The long distance target is FITA 120

  • There are 7 targets placed as shown on the diagram.

  • Targets are placed in correct distance from the edge of the track.

  • Distance between targets is measured as that distance between the track positions where competitors are perpendicular to that target face.


1. jarmaki shot: 1–1,5m from the edge of the track, 20m after the starting line.
2. back shot: 6m from the edge of the track, 55m after the 1st shot (shot taken from the centre of the figure 8).
3. side shot: 8m from the edge of the track, 45m after the 2nd shot,
4. long shot*: 40m from the edge of the track, 45m after the 3rd shot (perpendicular line).
5. side shot: 8m from the edge of the track, 90m after the 3rd shot.
6. front shot: 6m from the edge of the track, 35m after the 5th shot (shot taken from the centre of the figure 8).
7. off side shot: 1m from the edge of the track, 50m after the 6th shot, 25m before the finish line.


*Long distance target is 40m from the edge of the track. Shots are unlimited, every hit on the paper (whole white square paper) is worth 10 points. There is no extra zone for 5 points around the target. The centre of the long shot target is 100–150cm above the ground. (Consider placing an arrow net behind the target to prevent missed arrows landing on the track.)

Points from the regular targets are: 7 – 5 – 4 – 2 – 1. Points from the long shot target are 10 for each hit.

Time bonus

  • To get a time bonus the archer must hit a minimum of 3 different targets out of 7 targets (total number). If fewer than 3 targets are hit, then only target points are scored.

  • Time bonuses are gained at 0,5 point/s for every second under the time limit or deducted at 0,5 point/s for every second over the time limit.

Total score

  • There is one warm up in canter on the track, NO shooting is allowed on this run.

  • There are two counted runs for the whole Postal Polish Track.

  • Only shots taken in canter or gallop are counted for the score.

  • It is not allowed to shoot before and after the start / finish line.

  • It is allowed to start with one (only one) arrow nocked or held in hand, before the start line. All other arrows must be carried in a quiver.

  • All other rules are the same as in a regular hunt track, described in IHAA Rule Book and on our website.

Developed by: Wojtek Osiecki (Poland), based on hunt track rules

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