Club 3 (FFE)

Track required: 30 meters long, 2m wide

Equipment required: 3 Hungarian targets (round, 3-zone, 90cm diameter) target centre 0.95m above the height of the track, 5m distant from track




  • 3 scored runs at walk

  • The rider may start the run with an arrow nocked

  • Arrows may be held in the hand or carried in the quiver or belt. 

  • You may shoot up to 3 arrows per target

  • Arrows may only be released within the 30m track, ie they may not be shot before the start post or after the finish post

  • A 4th run is done at trot / canter (rider's choice) which is NOT SCORED, it is just for fun!



  • Target points
    -3-zones = 2, 3, 4

  • Speed points
    - none

  • Bonus points
    - none

Developed by:  the French

Historical aspect:  - 


Benefits: Good introduction to hba

Safety notes: none



Added to database: Jul '17


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