Tables of scores required for grades

Please note that IHAA grades can only be gained through awarding bodies sanctioned by the IHAA.

These are: Australia (AHAA), USA (MA3), UK (BHAA), South Africa, Holland (HoH), France (through Alan le Gall/FFE),  Sweden (SBF-BB), Finland (SRJL), Poland (through Wojtek Osiecki/Stajnia Grom), Germany (Die Steppenreiter e.V.), Canada (CFMA), Russia & Denmark.
No other organisations have had any input in the development of IHAA grades, nor are permitted to award the grades.



Did you know?

S1 requires a shooting accuracy of 10%, S2 of 15%, S3 of 20%, S4 of 25%, S5 of 35% and S6 of 45%.

Speed doesn't matter, only shooting accuracy - the only requirement is that you maintain a canter. So grading can now be done without even needing a stopwatch.

Please note: The variety of Korean events listed are options are to allow people to grade on the length track of their own preference and shooting the mix of shots they prefer; rather than have us dictate to you exactly which one you should do.
Where you need to return 2 scores, this can be on the same track or different ones (any mix within the options listed, both Korean & Aussie tracks). 

Horseback Archer grades

Did you know?

The Korean scores require you to get a certain percentage of the maximum possible score (shooting and speed points combined). For HA1 this is 30%, increasing in a stepwise manner to 95% for HA8.


We continually strive to cross-check our systems with real data and make improvements where possible. Over the winter of 2016/17 a dataset of 600 sets of competition and grading results was examined to ensure that the Korean and Hungarian scores were properly aligned throughout the range of HA grades. The required scores set in 2012 turned out to actually be very well aligned and only minimal alteration was required.

When the grading system was devised the hope was that in gaining a horseback archer grade you had proved yourself to have the necessary level and breadth of skill in the major competition events to be let loose on the international competition scene. Reaching horseback archer levels is not easy, it was not designed to be. Ours is a sport where a prolonged period of study and practise should be expected before reaching these levels (though clearly some will find it easier than others), there is no shame in this, and indeed it makes the attainment of the HA grades more valuable when the time comes.




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