Rain of Arrows



Name: Rain of arrows


Course diagram:

Track required:  120m track, 2-3m wide


Equipment required: 2 targets (120cm square; with 3 zones of 40cm, 80cm and 120cm width), poles (at least 1.5m tall), stopwatch or timing gates



  • No warm up runs are allowed.

  • Each competitor has 6 competition runs on the track.

  • All arrows must be in the quiver until the rider passes through the start gate.

  • Arrows may be drawn from a quiver individually or several may be drawn at once then held in the bow or shooting hand.

  • Drawing arrows from the boot or belt is not allowed. 

  • The targets are placed 9 – 15 m from the edge of the track
    T1 is at 90m facing towards the 45m point
    T2 is at 30m facing towards the 75m point

  • In the 1st zone (between posts 1 & 2 – 0m & 60m), only the 1st target (T1) may be shot. 
    In the 2nd zone (between posts 2 & 3 – 60m & 120m), only the 2nd target (T2) may be shot. 

  • Any hits shot from the wrong zone for that target or from before the start or after the finish poles do not count. 

  • There is no limit to the number of arrows that may be shot



  • The total score is the sum of the arrow hits and speed points from each run


Target hits

  • First target (T1): 5,4,3 pts
    Second target (T2): 6,5,4 pts


Speed points

  • Par speed is 20s for 120m. 

  • Faster than this you gain points at 1pt/s; slower than this points are deducted at 1pt/s (or part thereof).

  • Speed points are only gained if a target is hit on that run


Developed by: Mihai Cozmei (Romania)


Historic aspect: 

Benefits: Practise long range shots

Safety notes:  None


Added to database: December '14

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