The Five Demons


Name: The Five Demons


Course diagram:

Track required: 90 meters 2-4m wide

Equipment required: 5 FITA80 targets, and a timing gate or stopwatches.



  • You may start nocked.

  • Canter down the track shooting a single arrow at each of the five 80cm front shot targets.

  • Arrows my be held in your hand or drawn from a quiver.

  • You may shoot before the start line and after the finish line, but arrows must be within the 0-90m area when they pass over the track boundary fence (ie. pass within the posts placed at 0 and 90m if you have these); as with the Hungarian discipline. 

  • May be either 3 or 6 runs determined by the event organizer. 



  • Normal Korean 5,4,3,2,1 on the 80cm targets.

  • The time allowed is 14 seconds. Time bonuses 1 point per second, down to 9 seconds.
    Time penalties, one point per second for over the allotted time.

  • 3 point bonus for hitting all five targets.



Developed by: Darran Wardle (USA)

Historical aspect: None



Safety notes: None



Added to database: March '14


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