Texas Hunt


Name: Texas Hunt Track


Course diagram:

Track required: The Texas hunt course is a course without barriers. It is meant to be flexible and fit in any available open space. The minimum distance is a loop of approx 80 meters, but it can be made as long as you like.

Equipment required: At least 3 large 3D targets, but more can be used. Timer / stopwatch

Set-up: The course is arranged in whichever distribution of targets the organiser prefers:

  • There must be at least 3 3D targets, but there may be more.

  • Each target has a no-entry zone of 5-10m radius demarcated around it using cones. Riders may not ride through this zone or shoot from within it

  • The furthest target and associated no-go area are placed so that the rider must travel at least 40m to ride around this target before returning to the start/finish line



  • Arrows can be held in a quiver or in the bow hand.
    Arrows that are held in the bow hand must be held tips up, Native American style.

  • Riders can start nocked and start shooting 5 meters from the start line as long as the horse is cantering.

  • A rider may shoot as many times entering and leaving the course as he or she can.

  • The rider must go around the furthest target but otherwise may choose any route they wish.

  • Cones surround each target creating a no-go area with a 5-10m radius. The horse and rider may neither pass through these demarcated zones, nor shoot from within them.


  • There is a 3 point penalty every time a horse crosses inside the no-go area.

  • Any target shot while in the no-go area will not count.

  • No arrows may be shot towards the start line.
    If a rider shoots toward the start line they will be disqualified for that run. If they shoot toward the start line twice they will not be allowed to continue to ride the rest of their runs. 


  • 1.78 seconds of time is allowed for every 10 meters a horse travels. This par time is calculated by measuring the most likely route prior to the start of competition.

  • Bonus points will be awarded to time finished under the par time but only equal target points earned.
    Any times over the finishing par will result in a penalty.
    No one will receive less than a zero and no one will be able to score higher in time bonus than they do in target earned points. 

  • Disqualification time can be anything over par at the discretion of the organizer.



Arrow points:

  • 3D targets score 7, 5, and 3 points according to the arrow hit withing the zones marked on that target.
    Ie. heart shot = 7pts, vital area = 5 pts, anywhere eslse on the target = 3pts.

  • Any target shot while in the no shoot area will not count.

Time points:

  • The par time (in seconds) = 0.178 x distance (in metres) to and from the furthest extent of the course

  • Points are gained at 1pt/s faster than the part time. The time bonus gained may not exceed the arrow score for that run
    Points are lost at 1pt/s slower than the par time. However if the time penalty exceeds the arrow score the score cannot drop below zero.

  • A disqualification time may be set by the organiser. If this is exceeded, no points (time or arrow) are collected and the total score for that run is zero 



Developed by: Trey Schlichting (USA)

Historic aspect: none


Benefits: Increased riding difficulty in and open-field environment. Variety of shots required with variable distance, angle and possibly offside shooting. Allows some tactics for route taken to come into play.
A course that can be set up in any available space (of course taking into account safe distances incase of missed shots)

Safety notes: Ensure that spectators and other horses / riders stay well away from where any stray arrows may land. Potential for arrows to miss and be lost in areas that later competitors may ride over



Added to database:  December '14

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