Simplified Turkish style 


Name: Simplified Turkish Style


Course diagram:



Track required: 120m track 2m wide 

Equipment required: 15cm and 30cm arrowstands, 9m qabaq pole with 50cm target or 7m qabaq pole with 40cm target, 40x40cm knock down target or circular 45cm diameter turning target with a 50cm stand. Flu-flu arrows with rubber blunt tips. Stopwatch / timer.



  • The rider starts with all arrows but one in quiver or belt. 

  • The last arrow is placed in an arrowstand 15m after the start line. The arrowstand should be 15cm high (pony-sized horses, withers <148cm) or 30cm high (all others). The stand should be placed between the centre of the track and the outside fence, 0.5m from the fence. 

  • 60m after the start line the qabaq pole is placed, 1m from the edge of the track. 2.5m before the pole and 2.5m after the pole, shooting area markers like poles 50cm higher than the fence should be placed. 

  • 105m from the startline the knock-down/turning target should be placed 5m from the edge of the track. 

  • Only flu-flu arrows with rubber blunt tips are allowed. 

  • The rider should do 4 runs. 



  • 5pts is scored if the rider picks up the arrow from the arrowstand IF the arrow is used for the rider’s next shot (even if that shot misses).
    If the rider picks up the arrow, manages to nock it but fumbles the shot and then drops the arrow, he/she will score for the pick up.
    If the rider drops or throws away the arrow and uses another arrow for his/her next shot the score for picking up the arrow will be 0pts, but the rider still scores points for hitting the target.  

  • If the rider hits the qabaq target he/she scores as follows: 
    If the rider shoots before the first shooting area marker 2pts. 
    If the rider shoots while all of his/her body is between the markers he/she scores 5pts. 
    If the rider shoots after the last marker he/she scores 3pts. 
    An additional bonus of 4pts is given if the rider hits the target and shoots in the traditional qabaq position. To get the bonus the rider’s lower should be on the level of or below the horse’s crest. 

  • 4pts is scored if the rider hits and knocks down / turns the last target

  • Gain 1pt/full second faster than a par time of 18s. Maximum time bonus is 6pts (i.e. faster than 12s incurs no further gain). Points are deducted at 1pt/part or full second slower than 18s. If the time penalty is greater than points scored, the rider scores 0pts for the run. 

  • In case there is a tie the riders should be ranked as follows: 
    If one rider has more hits on the qabaq he/she is higher ranked 
    If this is equal the rider with the greater number of arrow pick ups is higher ranked. Any arrow picked up but scoring 0pts due to not being used for the next shot is not included 
    If the riders are still equal, the rider with the shortest total time for all 4 runs will be the winner. If the riders have exactly the same time, it is a draw.  



Developed by: Hilmi Aric (Turkey), modified by Anders O Jönsson (Sweden)

Historic aspect: Based on original Ottoman course XVI-XVII Century, but modified to make it easier 


Benefits: Particularly tests riding skills, flexibility and balance. 

Safety notes: None 



Added to database: March '14 (updated Jan'15)


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