EOCHA Triple


Name: EOCHA Triple (IHAA modifications)


Course diagram:



Track required: 90m track, 2-4m diameter

Equipment required: 3 targets (either FITA80 or 71cm square five-zone faces ), timing gates / stopwatch



  • This is a variation on the Korean triple shot discipline.  Unless otherwise stated here, the rules for that discipline should be used for the EOCHA triple.

  • Unlike the standard triple shot discipline, prenocking is NOT allowed.  The usual Korean rules applies that the competitor may not touch the arrow until they have passed the start line.

  • Target 1: 5m from the track at 60m, angled for a shot taken from 25m along the track from the start line. 
    Target 2: 7m from the track at 50m, perpendicular to the track
    Target 3: On the ground or stood up on the opposite side of the track, adjacent to the 75m point. The angle of the target and distance from the track should be determined by the competition organiser. Target 3 may be shot across the body or by switching the bow to the non-dominant hand, according to the horsearcher's preference.



  • Normal Korean scoring

  • No additional points for hitting all 3 targets

  • Time points gained as in the standard IHAA Korean event:
    Par time down the course is 14s
    ​Faster than 14s, speed bonus points are gained at 1pt/s, to a maxium of 5 pts (ie there is no further point gain for covering the 90m course in less than 9s)
    Slower than 14s, there is a time penalty applied of 1pt/s. There is no disqualification time.



Developed by: Abdul Majid (Germany), modified for IHAA by Claire Sawyer (UK)

Historic aspect: none 


Benefits: Quicker nocking, longer distant shot and off-side shooting required

Safety notes: Ensure spectators are kept well away from the area behind target 3



Added to database: March '14


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