Mamluk 90


Name: Mamluk 90


Course diagram:

Track required: 90 meters long, 2m wide

Equipment required: 4 FITA80 targets, and a timing gate or stopwatches.




  • Canter or gallop must be maintained throughout the runs

  • The rider may start the run with an arrow nocked

  • All other arrows must be carried in the quiver or belt. They may be retrieved one or multiple arrows at a time

  • Arrows may only be released within the 90m track, ie they may not be shot before the start post or after the finish post

  • For target positioning see the diagram (7m away / next to track / 3m offside)

  • The event can be run with 3 to 6 runs, determined by the event organizer



  • Target points
    Standard scoring of 1 – 5 points

  • Speed points
    - As long as 1 arrow hits, speed points are gained (or lost) at 1pt/s for riding the track in less (or more) than the par time of 14s for 90m.
    - These speed points are added to (or subtracted from) the arrow score.
    - There is a maximum gain of 5 speed points per run, ie going faster than 9s for 90m gains no more speed points
    - A score may not be less that 0 once speed penalties have been applied

  • Bonus points
    - 5 bonus points are gained if all 4 targets are hit
    - The ground shot (target 2) may be shot Jarmaki style (ie behind the head) but there are no bonus points for using this technique over any other

  • In case of a tie the rider with more arrow points wins




Developed by:  Neil Payne, Dan and Claire Sawyer, Oisin Curtis, Simon Harding (BHAA, UK)

Historical aspect:  - 


Benefits: Tests a variety of shots that come quickly one after the other, putting pressure on to nock quickly. 

Safety notes: Ensure a safe area behind the offside target and that horses waiting after completion of the track are not at risk of missed offside shots 



Added to database: Nov '15


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