Texas Qabaq


Name: Texas Qabaq


Course diagram:



Track required: 90m track, 2-4m diameter

Equipment required: Qabaq pole (approx 25ft tall with a 16" diameter disc at the top. In metric this equals a 7.6m pole with a 40cm diameter disc), 2 metal gongs (of unspecified diameter). Blunts and Flu-Flu arrows



  • Arrows (blunt & fluflu fletched) may be drawn from a quiver or held in the bow hand.

  • You may start nocked but an arrow cannot be loosed till you have passed the start line

  • There is no par time but horse must stay in a canter or gallop.



  • 3pts for hitting a gong (though only if a sound is made by the arrow hitting)

  • 5pts for a qabaq hit when shot before you reach the level of the pole, 7pts if the arrow is released underneath or after the pole.
    There is a judge at the Qabak pole who decides whether the rider shot a 5 or a 7. The judge's decision is final, though if in doubt the higher score is awarded.



Developed by: Trey Schlichtling (USA)

Historic aspect: none 


Benefits: -

Safety notes: Risk of arrow bouncing off the gongs back towards the track





Added to database: December '14


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