Grand Prix 2-3-5, Korean course


Name: Korean, Grand Prix 2-3-5


Course diagram:

Track required: 150m track 2m wide 

Equipment required: 5 5-zone targets (FITA80 / 71cm square / 84cm square), stopwatches or timing system



  • The tracks are set up as indicated on the diagrams. Targets are placed 7m from the edge of the track (FITA80 or 71cm square) or 8m from the edge of the track (84cm square)

  • All rules are as per the standard Korean discipline rules, unless expressly altered below

  • Riders must not draw their arrows till they have passed the start line for the double- and triple-shot.
    Pre-nocking is allowed on the serial shot

  • Canter or gallop must be maintained throughout the runs



Targets hits

  • Standard scoring on the 5-zone targets.

  • Points gained from target hits are not lost if too few targets are hit (unlike the situation with speed points, see below)

Speed bonuses

  • Par times are:
    double-shot = 14s for 90m,
    triple-shot = 18s for 120m,
    serial shot = 23s for 150m

  • Speed points are gained at 1pt/s (or part thereof) faster than the par time
    There is no maximum scoring speed at which point gain is capped (ie the 10m/s rule for all other IHAA Korean events does not apply this time)
    Speed points are only gained if sufficient targets are hit (ie. double-shot = 1 of 2 targets, triple-shot = 2 of 3 targets, serial shot = 3 of 5 targets)

  • Speed points are lost at 1pt/s (or part thereof) for riding slower than the par time
    Speed points are lost for riding slowly regardless of how many targets are hit

  • A score may not be less that 0 once speed penalties have been applied


Bonus points

  • Double-shot: 2 pts if 2 targets are hit
    Triple-shot: 3 pts if all 3 targets ‚Äčare hit
    Serial-shot: 3 pts for 3 consecutive targets OR 5 pts if all 5 targets are hit

  • There is no particular speed requirement for being awarded the bonus points



Developed by: European Grand Prix competition committee (Wojtek Osiecki, Claire & Dan Sawyer, Anders O Jonsson, Tero Ulvinen & Emil Eriksson)

Historic aspect: none 


Benefits: Success is less dependant on having a fast horse than traditional Korean events, points are weighted more towards the accurate shooter (especially regards hitting lots of targets)

Safety notes: None 



Added to database: December '14

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