Double Guard Attack Course


Name: Double Guard Attack


Course diagram:




  • Arrows may be drawn from a quiver or held in the bow hand. 

  • A rider passes through the start line then canters around the course in either of the patterns shown above; taking care not to enter the 10m square "kill zone" which has been demarcated with cones

  • A rider may start to shoot once they have crossed the startline. It is OK to start with an arrow prenocked.

  • As many arrows as possible may be shot into the guards / targets (there is not a limit on the number of arrows per target)

  • You may NOT shoot towards the start line (ie. shooting prohibited in the area directly behind each 10m square no entry zone)

  • The course can be run as a set of 6 attempts; or fewer if that fits with the time available.



  • Crossing into the demarcated no-entry zone = elimination for that run, scoring zero.

  • No arrows are to be shot toward the starting line.
    A 1st violation will disqualify the rider from that run. A 2nd violation will disqualify the rider from continuing the course.



  • 5pts for each target hit
    [If human figure shooting target-faces are being used then the scoring zones can be used if you wish]

  • 5 bonus points if you ride pattern #2 (ie. change direction / change leg across the middle of the course)

  • Time bonus points will be awarded. 
    The par time for the course is 30 seconds.
    Faster than this you gain 1pt/s (to a maximum gain of 5pts), slower than the par time you lose 1pt/s

  • If the time taken for the course exceeds 45 seconds you are disqualified for that run and score zero.



Developed by: Matt & Chanti Slade (Australia)

Historic aspect: none


Benefits: Riding ability and horse control is tested, particularly if pattern #2 is run. Tactics are involved in chosing the optimum speed of riding and route (ie pattern 2 is the shorter route thereby gaining you extra speed points and a 5pt bonus, but the riding and shooting involved are both more difficult).

Safety notes: Risk of riding over missed arrows lying in the grass. Risk of riders not adhering to the rules and in the heat of the moment shooting towards the startline (where judges and other competitors are located)




Added to database: March '14



Track required: The course itself has no barriers, it is set in an open field. 

Equipment required: 2 targets (each made from 2 small hay bales lashed together and standing on end), or 2 back-to-back 3D zombie targets, or a tall target/bale with human figure shooting target-faces on - whatever you wish to use / have available. Also cones or another method of demarcating the no-entry zone, and timing gates / stopwatch

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