Texas Triple


Name: Texas triple


Course diagram:

Track required: Regular track for 90m Korean event

Equipment required: 3 targets with FITA80 faces 



  • This course is essentially an alternative target set-up to the Korean 3-shot event. All rules pertaining to the Korean triple shot discipline apply.

  • A rider may start the run with an arrow nocked but must cross the start line before starting to shoot

  • All arrows must be carried in a quiver

  • The targets are placed 15m, 45m and 75m along the track as usual.  
    The distances of the targets from the edge of the track are 9m, 7m and 15m.



  • 5 zone scoring for arrow hits, as normal on a Korean event

  • Speed bonus points as normal in a Korean event.
    Points are gained at 1pt/s for runs faster than the par time of 14 seconds up to a maximum speed of 10m/s (ie 9s or faster for the 90m run will gain 5pts); points are lost for runs slower than 14s at 1pt/s



Developed by: Trey Schlichting (USA)

Historic aspect: none


Benefits: Practising shooting at greater and variable distances, compared to a normal Korean event

Safety notes: None 



Added to database: March '14

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