Name: SlingShot 6 and SlingShot 5


Course diagrams: 


Slingshot 6















Slingshot 5

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Track required: 90m straight track run plus 30m extra at one end and space for run in/out at other end

Equipment required: 3 FITA80 targets, a barrel or cone to ride around, a single timing gate or stopwatch




  • Start in your non-dominant direction with a arrow nocked.  

  • Canter down the track shooting a single arrow per target drawing the arrows out of the hand or quiver.  

  • At the end of the track switch bow hands and go around the barrel or cone

  • Canter back shooting one arrow per target drawing all arrow from the quiver only.

  • 6 runs



Normal IHAA scoring system: FITA80 target - 5 scoring zones - score 1-5pts

  • Multiple hit bonus:
    6pts for hitting all targets on non-dominant side, 3pts for hitting all targets on dominant side

  • Time bonus/penalty points:  
    Gain 1pt/second faster than a par time of 35.00 seconds for the whole course (up and back again) crossing through the same timing gate at 0m.

    Maximum time bonus of 9pts (ie faster than 26.00s incurs no further gain).
    Points are deducted at 1pt/sec for riding slower than 35.00s.
    There is no disqualification for time taken. 



Developed by: Darran Wardle (Oregon, US)

Historic aspect:  “They were armed with bows and were able to shoot arrows or to sling stones right-handed or left-handed” 1 Chronicles 12:2


Benefits: Shooting with your non-dominant side builds your body equally and betters your archery skills.

Safety notes: None



Added to database: March '14




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