Utah Quad


Course diagram:

Track required: 90m track 2-4m wide

A scoresheet can be downloaded here.


  • You may start nocked.

  • Canter or gallop down track and shoot a single arrow at each target.

  • Each competitor will take two runs down the track.

  • Arrows can be held in the hand or be drawn from a quiver or belt.

  • You may shoot before the start line and after the finish line as long as the arrow passes between the start and finish poles.


Track Setup:

  • Timers should be located at the start and finish of the timed track, 90m apart. The run in and run out should be a straight line of at least 15m, beyond the timed section of the track

  • The first target is 15m along the track and 7m from the edge, angled for a forward shot by an archer who is 5m along the track.

  • The second target is 35m along the track, 11m from the edge and parallel to the line of the track.

  • The third target is 55m along the track, 9m from the edge and parallel to the line of the track.

  • The fourth target is 75m along the track and 9m from the edge, angled for a backward shot by an archer who is 85m along the track.

  • The target centers shall all be 90cm from the ground +/- 10 cm in height.


  • Target points
    - The targets are round FITA 80cm with 5 zones of diameters 14cm, 28cm, 42cm, 56cm and 80cm.  The target zones shall score from inner to outer: 5pts, 4pts, 3pts, 2pts and 1pt.
    - Four bonus points shall be awarded for any run in which the competitor all four targets.

  • Speed points
    - The time allowed is 14 seconds.

    - One point will be deducted for each second over the 14 seconds and one point will be added for each second under 14 seconds calculated to two decimal places.  The maximum number of time bonus points that can be earned is 5 in a single run.
    - A minimum of 2 targets must be hit to earn bonus speed points.


Developed by: Stacey Hornsby (USA)


Added to database: April '20

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