Aussie Triple  (A3)


Name: Australian course (walk and trot)


Course diagram:

Track required: 90m track 2-4m wide 

Track variation for WT grading: The track may be between 50 and 90m, with the spacing of targets appropriate for the length

Equipment required: 3 targets with either FITA80 targets (ie. round 80cm diameter 5-zone)



The rules are based on the IHAA Korean rules with a few variations

  • Arrows can be held in the hand or in a quiver

  • The track set up for the triple shot is as shown in the diagram above: a forward first shot, a perpendicular 2nd shot, and backwards 3rd shot. The targets are set 7m from the edge of the track, and #1 and #3 are angled to the track edge 10m away.

  • For runs 1-3 only 1 arrow may be shot at each target
    For runs 4-6 multiple arrows may be shot at each target

  • The course may be done at either walk or at trot
    It is permitted to ride at a faster pace by accident
    It is not permitted to ride at a slower pace; ie, if a horse stops during a walk class, or if a horse slows to a walk or halt during a trot class, then no points can be scored on this particular run (even if no arrows were shot when moving at this slower pace).



  • 5 zone scoring: 1-5 pts

  • No time constraints/points

  • No multi-hit bonus points

  • If a horse slows to walk (during a trot class) or stops (for a walk or trot class) then no points are scored for that run.
    If this happens there is no disqualification, scoring for all other runs is as normal


Developed by: Katrina Kruse (Australia)

Historic aspect: none


Benefits: Easier to safely set up in an indoor school with several participants as all shooting is directed towards the middle of the 90m run. A good introduction to Hungarian for beginners.

Safety notes: None 



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