Rules for

Hungarian track - with zones

1.  Set-up

1.1    The track shall be 90m long, excluding run in and out areas, and shall be a straight line.  It shall be 2-4m wide.

1.2    The track shall be divided into three 30m sections, which shall be indicated by four vertical posts placed at the edge of the track on the target side (to the left-hand side of a right-handed archer). The 1st post shall be level with the start line, the 2nd at 30m, the 3rd at 60m and the 4th level with the finish line.  The posts must be higher than 2.50m and shall be positioned approximately 20cm from the edge of the track.

1.3    The target tower shall be placed half way along the track (i.e. 45m) and 9m away from the edge of the track.  It shall hold three vertical targets, whose centres should be placed 2m above the level of the track.

1.4    The target faces shall be round and composed of three concentric zones in contrasting colours.  The zones shall be of 90cm, 60cm and 30cm diameter respectively.

1.5    The central target shall be placed so that its face is parallel to the line of the track. The first and third targets are angled in such a way that allows the competitor riding along the track to hit them perpendicularly from a distance of 35m – shooting the first target forwards and the third one backwards.



2.  Procedure

2.1    Each competitor has 6 competition runs on the track.  All runs must be completed at canter or gallop.

2.2    There is no limit to the number of arrows that may be shot at each target.

2.3    Arrows may be drawn from a quiver or may be held in the bow- or drawing hand.  Arrows may also be drawn from the belt, subject to any local or competition rules restricting this practice.  Competitors are allowed to start with an arrow nocked.

2.4    Arrows only score if they hit the correct target for the section of track from which they are shot, which is decided by the posts between which the arrows passes:

2.4.1    Arrows passing between the 1st post (on the starting line) and the 2nd post (30m) only score on the first target.  Arrows may be loosed before the competitor crosses the starting line, so long as the arrow passes between the 1st and 2nd posts.

​2.4.2    Arrows passing between the 2nd and 3rd posts only score on the second target.

2.4.3    Arrows passing between the 3rd post (60m) and the 4th post (finish line) only score on the third target.  Arrows may be loosed once the competitor has passed the finish line, so long as the arrow passes between the 3rd and 4th posts.

2.5    Any arrows loosed before the competitor passes the start line or after the competitor passes the finish line only score if they were loosed at canter or gallop.

2.6    Any hits on the wrong target for the section of track score no points.



3.  Scoring

3.1    The targets score as follows (inner ring outwards):

1st target: 4,3,2

2nd target: 3,2,1

3rd target: 5,4,3

3.2.1    The time limits set to complete the run is 18 seconds.  One point is added for every second under the time limit, calculated to two decimal places.  

3.3    Time points are only added under Rule 3.2 if the competitor shoots at least 2 arrows that pass between the start and finish posts.  It is not necessary to hit the target with more than 1 arrow, but at least 2 must be shot in order to score time points.

3.4    If a competitor exceeds the time limit they score 0 for that run, regardless of any hits on the targets.

3.5    If the competitor fails to score any hits on the correct targets, the run scores 0, regardless of time taken.

3.6    The total scores (hits + time bonus) for each of the six runs are added together to give the competitor’s total score.


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