Further information on the highly commended photographs

Heli Penttinen  (Finland)


Yabusame: Spirit of Samurai 2014 Helsinki, Finland

(Ogasawara School Samurai Group visiting Finland)


Rider: Koichi Suzuki

Horse: 24 year old finnhorse stallion Köyhien Ystävä 


Canon EOS 600D, Tamron 55-200 mm, f/4, 1/100s, ISO: 250




Carla Resh  (USA)


Lukas Novotny is United States National Champion and one of the most well respected horseback archers in the world.

Rogue Mounted Archers International Competition, Eagle Point, Oregon USA


Rider: Lukas Novotny

Horse: Magic (an Arab owned by Katie Stearns)


Canon EOS 7D, 70-200mm lens, f4, 1/1600s, ISO: 200


Anders O Jönsson  (Sweden)


EOCHA, Turkey


Rider: Wojtek Osiecki


Kaja Szewczyk  (Poland)


Horseback Archery Competition, anniversary of Orsza Battle, Poland 2014


Rider: Fatih Kose 

Horse: Medalion



Katy Driver  (Australia)


Yabusame on the Beach competition, Far North Queensland, Australia


Rider: Katrina Kruse

Horse: Merlin



Kaja Szewczyk  (Poland)


Jens and arrows
Grunwald Horseback Archery Competition, Poland, 2015


Rider: Jens Vogt

Horse: Rosswell  (owner: Agnieszka Szafran)



Göran Erlandsson (Sweden)


DHA Hunt Track, Rättvik, Sweden. Midsummer 2015

Rider: Claire Sawyer 
Horse name: Barona



Ali Ghoorchian  (Iran)


Training in the central Alborz mountains, Persia


Rider: Anna Minkkinen

Horse: Shabdiz, Persian stallion



Richard Beard  (USA)





Helen Barnes  (UK)


This photo was taken during an evening shoot which was a knock-out competition shooting at a Limoges plate rather than a target with a blunt arrow. It was an extra competition held during  the International GP series in France last year. I loved the light from the low sun and the way it reflected from the flying sand on the track, and the rider’s expression, having just hit the plate.


Rider: Pascal Couaillet

Horse: Tactig


Nikon D3200, 116mm, f4.8, 1/640s, ISO:400 

Katy Driver  (Australia)





Dan Sawyer  (UK)


Al Faris competition, Jordan, 2012

The Jordanian event never really caught on outside of the Al Faris competition.  Involving a front shot while holding a sword, followed by picking up a target from the track with the sword, the event brought an unusual challenge and was spectacular to watch.


Canon EOS 1D mk3, Canon 300 2.8 lens, 1/3200s, f4, ISO: 100

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