Swedish Team

Stage 1, Hungary:  Emil Eriksson, Terese Nilsen, Jan Strömberg


Stage 2, Sweden:  Camilla Linderberg, Richard Svensson and Emil Eriksson


Final stage, Poland: Anders O Jönsson, Emil Eriksson and Linnea Beijar

Emil Eriksson  (Swedish Team Captain)


Age: 23

Height: 180cm 

Profession: Professional horseback archer

Education: Hunting and Fishing Guide.

Lives in Lycksele, Sweden


Horseback archery experience: Emil has been involved in doing horseback archery since 2007 when he first did a public demonstration, and he started competing in 2009 at the Swedish Championship in Ekenäs where he managed to take 2nd place, then EOCHA (the European Open) in Bamberg, Germany. Emil has continued to travel and compete; highlights being his participation in the prestigious Al Faris competition in Jordan in 2012, and the 2013 season when he entered 10 competitions across 3 continents winning 1 bronze, 5 silver and 7 gold medals; including gold in the Team Mogu at the World Horseback Archery Championships in Korea.

Equipment: 50lb Indo/Persian Saluki and Beman ICS Bowhunter 400 carbon arrows


Other interests:​ Languages, history, walking with and training his Finnish Lapphund Trix, and being sociable!



Anders O Jönsson


Age: Getting personal are we? Alright, going on 50 but refusing to grow old…

Height: 178cm (5’11”)

Profession: Line Equipment Engineer at Tetra Recart AB

Education: M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Lives on Ringhult farm outside Eslöv in the very South of Sweden


Horseback archery experience: I started riding when I met my future wife Maria during my University years. After trying Icelandic horses I got hooked and bought my first Icelandic horse, Fengur, in 1989 and have never looked back since. In 2010 I started with archery because my son, Kalle, wanted to try it. After a few months I bought recurve bows for all of us and happened to see the Samick horse bow in the archery web shop, so I bought one of those as well. During the spring and summer of 2011 we started to practise mounted archery at the archery range and entered the Swedish Championship in August that year. For the next season I decided to concentrate on mounted archery and gave up the recurve archery. This paid off as I won the Swedish Championship 2012. In 2013 we made a track at home, arranged our first competition and started to compete internationally. We have been to competitions in Poland, Great Britain, Sweden (of course) and Turkey and ended the season with the European Open Championship (EOCHA).

Me and my family are the hosts of the Swedish Grand Prix Competition.

Equipment: Saluki Tartar hybrid (48lb at 33”) and Easton Flatline carbon arrows or bamboo arrows if required.


Other interests: Lots, but most of them are on hold due to lack of time… For this season I am taking up sword fencing, starting out on the ground but the ultimate goal is to wield a sword on horseback. I enjoy doing wood- and leatherwork so I make hard-to-get equipment like thumb rings and quivers. This is strictly for the family as I don’t have the time to take orders and nobody wants to pay my exorbitant rates anyway.

Ann-Sofie Wredendal


Age: 44

Height: 167cm

Profession: Water and environment engineer


Horseback archery experience: I came in contact with horseback archery fall of 2012 when a friend of mine began and pulled me into this world. I have had horses in many parts of my life so it's shooting as needed / required to train on and we struggle on.


Other interests: My interests are, of course, horses and horseback archery, likes to sew and certain other crafts. Since we have children, the children's hobbies take much of my free time and now it's hockey. I also like to travel and spend time with friends.

Håkan N. Lönnar


Age: 44

Height: 180cm 

Profession: Refuse collector

Education: Trained Recreation leader

Lives in Rättvik, Sweden


Horseback archery experience:  Håkan tried mounted archery in 2012. He has been training continuously since 2014 when he took fifth at the Swedish Championships. 


Other interests:​ Other interests right now are riding, judo, cooking and baking.



Mats Woxmark


Age: 45

Height: 187cm 

Profession: Instructor in historical warfare with horse, Firefighter, Ski instructor, Lifeguard

Lives in Rättvik, Sweden


Horseback archery experience:  Mats started horseback archery in 2006, to make his jousting show a little bit more interresting. He has been training regularly since 2012.
Mats built up DHA Hunt Track with Ylwa Woxmark, Håkan Lönnar and Siljanspilens Archery Club
Results = 2nd place in DHA Hunt Track Cup 2012, and 3rd place in Turkish & 5th place in the Polish field track in the Swedish Grand Prix 2014

Equipment: Kaya Firefox/Windfighter 


Other interests:​ Family, Traveling, Hunting, Organize events and competitions



Kalle Möllerberg


Age: 15

Height: 186cm (6’2”)

Profession: Student

Lives on Ringhult farm outside Eslöv in the very South of Sweden


Horseback archery experience: Kalle started riding at the age of 6, after a short time on Shetland ponies he continued on the family’s Icelandic horses. In 2010 one of the girls in his class had chosen archery as the subject of her presentation so Kalle decided to try. As his father, Anders, started practising mounted archery Kalle joined and entered the Swedish Championship in 2011 ending up in 3rd place. 2012 he advanced to 2nd place and finally in 2013 1st place, so Kalle is the reigning Swedish Champion. During 2013 he started to compete abroad together with Anders and has obviously visited the same countries including EOCHA in Turkey.

Equipment: Saluki Damascus bow (39lb at 30”) with Easton Flatline carbon arrows or wooden arrows if required.


Other interests: Social interaction games on the computer, like Call of Duty, Assasin’s Creed and so on…



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