Qabaq rules  (for grading)

Qabaq course diagram

1. The Course

1.1    The track shall be 90m long or longer and 2-4m wide.

1.2    The qabaq target shall be set alongside the track at a distance of approximately 1m (3ft).

1.3    The pole shall be on the left for right handed competitors and on the right for left handed competitors.

1.4    The pole shall be at least 7m high.

1.5    On top of the pole shall be a circular target.  If the pole is 7-9m high then the target shall be no bigger than 30cm (1ft) in diameter.  If the pole is higher than 9m then the target shall be no bigger than 50cm (20in) in diameter.



2. Procedure

2.1    Only blunt arrows maybe used to shoot at the qabaq.

2.2    A qabaq set is 6 runs.  A half-set is 3 runs.

2.3    The competitor rides along the track and attempts to shoot the underside of the target.  For grading purposes a run is either a hit or a miss.



3. Hits

3.1    A hit must be on the target.  Hits on the pole do not count (if the arrow hits the pole and the target, in any order, then it is a hit).

3.2    A hit must be on the way up.  If the arrow misses the target but hits it on the way back down then that is not a hit.

3.3    Hits only count if the rider completes the run within the allotted time (see Rule 4).



4. Time

4.1    The allotted time depends on the length of the track.

4.2    1.5s are allowed for every 10m of track (between start line and finish line).  Allotted times for common track lengths are therefore:

4.2.1    90m: 14.5s

4.2.2    100m: 15s

4.2.3    120m: 18s

4.2.4    150m: 22.5s

4.2.5    180m: 27s



5. Other Targets

5.1    Other targets (other than qabaq) may be shot on the same run.  No allowance is made for this.  Over any length track and with any number of targets the requirement is for a hit on the qabaq target within the allotted time.

5.2    If the course has more than one qabaq target on it then one of them must be designated as the target for grading purposes.  Hits on any other target do not count for grading purposes.



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