Polish Team

Stage 1, Hungary:  Wojtek Osiecki, Anna Sokólska, Leszek Moniakowski


Stages 2, Sweden: Leszek Moniakowski, Radosław Kożuch, Anna Sterczyńska 

Stage 3, Poland:  Wojtek Osiecki Leszek Moniakowski, Radosław Kożuch

Wojtek Osiecki (also known as Czlowiek w zelaznej masce -  the Man in the Iron Mask)


Age: 42 

Profession: Stable and Horses owner

Education: Studies at University of Physical Education

Lives in Gierałcice (south Poland)


Horseback archery experience: Vice champion of Europe 2013, first in Polish ranking, second in German ranking, second in German national championship in Hungarian style

Equipment: Ottoman Turkish bow made by Sylwester Styrczula


Other interests: Skiing, electric guitar playing

Michał Sanczenko


Age: 41

Height: 175 cm

Profession: AMM Archery and some small banking businesses

Education: Bialystok Universyty, major - history

Lives in Poland


Horseback archery experience:  From 2004/2005 (first international competition2007 Dauchingen, Germany)

2010 EOCHA – V-ce European Championship;

2010 - 2nd place on the American Championship;

2011 - 2nd place Hungarian Style, Amman (Jordan)

2013 - 1st place Korean Multiple Shot on World Horseback Archery Championship,

2013 - Korea; Best Archery price on World Horseback Archery Championship

Equipment:  Saluki Mameluk, XVII centaury polish quiver by Michal Choczaj


Other interests: I very much like 3D archery and I have a small collection of eastern bows (XVIII-XX century) and sport/hunter bows (XXc.)

Anna Sokólska (also known as SzatAnka – The DevilAnka)


Age: 27

Height: 164 cm

Profession: Horse Trainer

Lives in Poland


Horseback Archery Experience:

2007 – met Michał Sanczenko, Michał Choczaj and Katarzyna Rokosz in Supraśl on the first official Horseback Archery Classes, organized in Poland

2012 – Anna and Michal Choczaj and Michal Sanczenko opened their own business AMM Archery, which organizes Horseback Archery Classes and Horseback Archery Shows all around the country and also abroad

Anna’s trainers are Michał Choczaj and Michał Sanczenko, and thanks to them she’s winning competitions all over the world – in Hungary, Germany, France, Turkey, Korea and Ukraine – and of course in Poland.

Radosław Kożuch

Age: 27
Height: 194 cm
Profession: Software Developer
Education: Master's degree in computer science at Jagiellonian University
Lives in Krakow, Poland

Horseback archery experience:
The beginning: 2010, Michal’s Choczaj and Michal’s Sanczenko Clinic, Poland
First Competition: 2011, Sokolka, Poland
Regular practice: from 2013
First Foreign Competition: 8th place in general classification,
European Open Championship of Horseback Archers, 2013, Turkey

Places in polish ranking:
2012 - 21 of 40
2013 - 11 of 40
2014 - 7 of 50

International competitions in 2014:
- Poland: 2nd place in Korean Style
- Sweden: 1st place in classification of nations, European Grand Prix
Series - 2nd leg
- Hungary: 9th place in general classification, HUNOCHA 2014 Hungarian Open

Equipment: Turkish Saluki Bow 28#41, Easton Aftermath arrows


Szczepan Łakomy


Age: 19

Height: 180 cm

Education: Studies Physics on University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań

Lives in Poznań, Poland


Horseback Archery Experience: My first experience with horseback archery was about 6 years ago. I am a competing for 3 years. One of my greatest achievements – I established the Polish record result in Hungarian Style in 2013.

Equipment:  bow - Samick SKB 50, arrows - carbon Easton Powerflight.


Other: I am interested in history and historical reenactment. I also practice historical fencing.

Michał Piasek


Age: 19

Height: 179cm

Profession: Student

Education: I'm starting technical studies at Politechnika Warszwska

Lives in Ostrołęka, Poland


Horseback archery experience: I started my archery adventure at horseback archery classes in Suprasl in September 2008. Since that time I did some progress and took part in many competitions. I won the 1st place in Hungarian Track at last EOCHA 2013 in Turkey, 3rd place in serial shot at World Championship in Korea 2013, 1st place in Mogu with Emil Eriksson in Korea 2013, 1st place with Anna Sokólska and Michał Sanczenko in Masahee in Korea 2013, 3rd place in General Classification at HUNOCHA 2014.

Equipment: Now I'm using Windfighter 45# with carbon arrows.


Other interests: In my free time I like running. I took part in some half marathons and just recently I have finished a 1/2 Iron Man.

Michał Tomaszewski (also known as Wiewior – The Squirrel)


Age: 26

Height: 176 cm

Profession: seller in archery shop, manufacturer

Education: MEng of Wood Technology – specialised in wood preservation

Lives in Warsaw


Horseback archery experience: about 11 years

Equipment: Damascus 40#@29“ from Saluki Bows, Arrows – Powerflight


Other interests: reenactment, XVII century, wood- and metalworking

Gabriela Osiecka


Age: 33

Profession: Teacher at University of Economics, stable and horse owner and trainer, horse physiotherapist

Education: University of Economisc Wrocław, Horse Physiotherapy School Wrocław

Lives in Gierałcice (south Poland)


Horseback archery experience: Started in 2013. 8th place in Polish Horseback Archers Ranking in 2013 and 2014 (2nd woman). Some starts in international competitions.


Other interests: Sailing, off road on the bike

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