German Team

Stage 1, Hungary:  Christian Ahner, Jens Vogt, Linus Nakatzi


Stage 2,  Sweden:  Johanna Pfister and Oliver Pfister

Final stage, Poland:  Johanna Pfister, Christian Ahner and Andrea Seidel

Christoph Neugebauer

(Germany Team Captain)


Age: 41

Height: 178cm

Profession: Pharmacist

Education: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Germany
Lives in the South of NRW, near Cologne       


Horseback archery experience: ​

Christoph took up archery in 2010. He soon built his own training venue on the "Waldrandranch". Since 2010 regular competitions and training have been held here, and since 2014 this has included the use of a rotating target for the Kassai-Style. In 2014 he was second in the German Championship (Korean Style). His quarter-horse (Mighty's Flower, 9 years old in 2015) was  the most successful German Horse of the Year in horseback archery

("Steppenpferd des Jahres") in both 2013 and 2014.
Christoph is Chairman of the German "Steppenreiter"

Equipment: 32lb Falkon II light & Aurel Agil arrows


Other interests: Christoph has two young sons (born 2010 & 2012) with my wife Susan and loves

Wolfgang Neubert


Age: 46

Height: 190cm

Profession: IT System Engineer

Lives in Schrassig, Luxembourg (German Passport!!!)       


Horseback archery experience: ​

March 2013: Beginners' workshop with Claus Meyer;
2014: First year of competition in german championship.

Equipment: 36lb Nemethy & Aurel Agil 500


Other interests: His dog, their camping car and artisan work 

Joachim Rudloff


Age: 52

Height: 184cm

Profession: Master Dental Technician   


Horseback archery experience: ​

Since 2007

Joachim took part in EOCHA in Hummelhof, Germany ('08 & '09), Belgium ('10) and Hungary ('13).
In 2014 he competed in the Kassai World Cup

Equipment: 32lb Saluki Crimea Tartar


Other interests: Horse riding and archery 

Maximilian Kleinbauer


Age: 14

Height: 170cm

Profession: Student

Education: HochwaldgymnsiumWaldern
Lives in Weierweier, Saarland      


Horseback archery experience: ​

Max was sitting on horses before he could walk. His first competition was in Satzvey in 2008 on his Shetland Pony "Gabilan" and in 2010, with this partnership, he first gained the title "German Youth Champion". He is the reigning Junior Champion in the Hungarian and Korean events. In 2014 he was second in the "Supercup" of the German "Steppenreiter".

Equipment: 27lb Mitras from Ralf Johänntges & Easton Platinum Plus


Other interests: Fishing, table tennis, playing guitar.

Angela Graefen


Age: 39

Height: 159cm

Profession: Biologist / medical writer

Education: Human biology, University of Mainz, Germany (ongoing PhD in paleogenetics / bioarchaeology
Lives in Mainz, Germany     


Horseback archery experience: ​

Angela came into contact with horseback archery in 2006, while still active in her first career of training dressage horses. After taking part in a training course and three competitions in her first year, has taken part in every National Championship final since then, as well as the EOCHAs in 2008 and 2009. Her first international competition outside of Germany was last year’s Kassai Horsearchery International World Cup, where she took part with the German team.

Equipment: 29lb Grozer Biocomposite Scythian & 30lb Wind Fighter bows, Easton Light Speed 500 arrows


Other interests: Photography, bioarchaeology and my 8-year-old Pura Raza Española stallion Olivito Sol (training in dressage, horseback archery and generally trying to keep him out of mischief).

Johannes Anton Hofmeister


Age: 38

Height: 185cm

Profession: German Approved Farrier, Blacksmith

Education: Farrier School University, Leipzig
Lives in Falkenfels, Bavarian Forest      


Horseback archery experience: ​

First of four clinics with the Nemethy Brothers in November 2008.
Regular tournaments in Germany; also in Japan, Mongolia and Poland.

Equipment: Grozer Junior Turk 50lb


Other interests:  Charlotte, Motorcycling, Wandervogel, Travelling

Jens Vogt


Age: 49

Height: 183cm

Profession: Engineer

Education: FH Meschede, NRW
Lives in the South of NRW, near Cologne    


Horseback archery experience: ​

Jens took up archery in 2007.

He took part in EOCHA 2009 in Germany, 2010 in Belgian (5th overall), 2011 in Poland (5th overall) and 2011 in Hungary. In 2014 he took part at the KHOW in Kassai Valley, Hungary (13th overall)

German Championship placings:

2013 2nd hungarian style, 4th korean style

2014 German Champion hungarian style, 3rd korean style

Equipment: 36lb Falkon II light & Aurel Agil arrows


Other interests: Snowboarding and skiing

Ralph Traunbauer


Age: 55

Profession: Fire Protection Engineer  


Horseback archery experience: ​

Ralph has been riding for 40 years and doing archery for 20 years. He loves riding fast horses and is a real fan of very strong bows. He has travelled extensively whilst enjoying horseback archery, visiting Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Canada, amongst others.

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