Finland Team

Stage 1, Hungary:  Anna Minkkinen, Anni Jauhiainen, Elina Puhjo

Stage 2, Sweden:  Tino Suhonen, Marjo Dubeck, Nuppu Siro

Final stage, Poland:  Tessa Turtonen, Riikka Latva-Somppi, Bea Wilén

Tero Ulvinen


Age: 36

Height: 6'1"

Profession: IT Teacher at Vocational Business Institute

Education: University of Kuopio, MSc (Computer Science) + some other degrees

Lives near city of Vaasa, Finland


Horseback archery experience: Tero started horseriding in 2008 when his wife first bought a horse of her own. This was a life changing moment and now Tero and his wife have four horses in their own stables. Tero has always been interested in archery and he shoot for a couple of summers with a compound bow when he was a teenager. After a break of almost 20 years this hobby he was introduced to horseback archery in 2011 by Finnish Mounted Archery Association President, Marko Suhonen. This was an another life changing moment for Tero! In these three years Tero has been competing; a couple of times in Sweden and once in Turkey. Tero took second place in the DHA Hunt Track competition 2013 and third place in Turkish Style at the European Open (EOCHA). Tero has his own practice track and he is the Finnish representative to the IHAA.

Equipment: 41lb Falco Storm long bow and Falco carbon arrows


Other interests: Tero and his wife have an 8 year old daughter who also rides horses. Besides horses, the family is also busy with their three dogs and five cats! Tero is also interested in photography, reading, history and orienteering.

Janni Taiha


Age: 28

Height: 5' 7½"

Profession: salesperson in aquarium store

Education: Equine College Ypäjä (grooming and leatherwork), Business College Helmi (sales and marketing), Open University (Biology).

Lives in Kerava, Finland.


Mounted archery experience: Janni has been riding since she was nine. Archery she started in the beginning of the year 2013. At this moment she does not have her own horse yet.

Equipment: Samick SKB 30Ib and Beman carbon arrows.


Other interests: photographing, gym, jogging, taking long walks with their three dogs, shooting with handgun and bow, aquariums and horseback riding.

Risto Paloneva


Age : Unknown, but the best before date is passed already several years ago! 


Mounted archery experience:

Hunter from eight years of age (in the early years with his grandfather)

Bow Hunter since 1986

Horseback riding since 2008

Horseback Archery more or less from 2010

Tarja Strömdahl


Age: 41

Height: 5’ 5”


Mounted archery experience: Tarja started riding in 1983. Tarja lives with her family in a countryside near by the city of Vaasa in Finland. She has two riding horses, 9 years old trakehner gelding with which she is competing in eventing at national level and 3 years old Finnish Warmblood mare. A donkey, a dog and two cats also belongs to the family. The first time Tarja tried horseback archery in March 2013 and has since then practised it a few times.

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