Stage 1 (Spring)
4th International Grunwald Battle Horseback Archery Competition, Poland 1st-3rd May 2016


The first stage of our 3 competitions will be hosted by the Polish Horseback Archery Association in Grunwald in the north of Poland. The competition is named after the famous battle waged centuries ago at this site. The Battle of Grunwald was fought on 15 July 1410, during the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War. The alliance of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania decisively defeated the German–Prussian Teutonic Knights. This battle, one of the largest of Medieval Europe, shifted the balance of power in Eastern Europe and marked the rise of the Polish–Lithuanian union as the dominant political and military force in the region.

The competition will include a 6 run Korean competition (double, triple & 5-shot) and 9 runs of the Hungarian course with a rotating target at the centre of the 99 run. The famous Grunwald "Battle Course" (which is based on the combination of an open field section and a cross-country track is different each year, "because you never know what to expect in the thick of battle!") will be run as the 3rd competition event.


Stage 2 (Summer)

Gauchoux Open, France

17-19th June, 2016

Mounted Archery International Match, Sweden8th June 201

The second stage of our 3 competitions will be hosted at Domaine de Gauchoux in Limousin, France. It will be a three day competition with three different styles: the well known Hungarian and Korean styles, and in addition there will be a 500m long Polish Track event with 3D targets and perhaps a jump or two.... 




Final stage (Autumn)

Baasem, Germany

19-21st August, 2016

European Grand Prix Final, UK

20-21th September 2014

19th = Kassai Style, 20th = Korean Style, 21st = Hunt Track

More information to follow


The third and final stage of the grand prix is to be held in the United Kingdom, near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. Competitors will be able to enjoy riding some lovely Spanish horses; Andalucians and Lusitanos, and a Fresian too, who also work as stunt horses. We are hosted by the British Horseback Archery Association at the Centre of Horseback Combat; the 150m long competition track is in a picturesque setting in front of the estate's manor house, often with red kites flying overhead.

The competitions here will include the Korean event on the 150m track, a Hungarian event and a Mamluk event including offside and downward-shots (with bonus points available for the impressive Jarmaki shot where the bow is drawn behind the head).

As a finale to the series the national teams will compete head to head on the 5-shot Masahee course where blunt arrows are used to knock down targets. The course is set up with 60cm targets, as they are knocked down the next team member must face a smaller target in it's place. Will any team manage to have their 4th rider knock down the final 10cm targets? This event is not only a great team game but a nail-biter for spectators too!

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