Addendum to the IHAA rulebook

- additions and clarifications

[updated 27/5/18)

Polish event  (p35-41)

2.1.1 On a long track (as 1.2.1) there should be a minimum of 6 targets on each half-track. Organisers should ensure there is a good mix of shots in each half track (if terrain and course layout allows, 2.2-2.4 should be applied to each half-track).

4.7.2 It is permitted for a rider to stop and dismount if necessary to correct their equipment failure, then to remount and complete their run. No penalty will be applied other than the time penalties incurred (the clock should continue to run). There should be no outside assistance in rectifying the problem or remounting.

5.7 Bonus points are awarded when a competitor jumps an obstacle
a. 3 points if it is a simple jump - ie not associated with a target
b. Where an obstacle is paired with a target; 5 points if the jump is taken AND the target is shot at (this bonus is in addition to the target score and is not dependent on hitting the target) 
c. Where an obstacle is paired with a target; no points are awarded for the jump if the competitor did not attempt to shoot the target associated with that jump
5.7.1 There is no penalty for avoiding or refusing an obstacle.

*** throughout the Polish rules for "should" read "must"

We have come to understand that the word "should" was poorly chosen - it is not being interpreted as it was intended, these conditions are not optional and must be followed

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