Information about joining the IHAA

The IHAA is all about being inclusive and working to enjoy horseback archery together.



Who can join?

National associations

Larger groups or horseback archery schools that are well establised and not associated to a national body


Clubs would normally be affiliated through a larger association that they are linked to. However if that larger association doesn't want to join we will accept smaller clubs.



The only condition that we specify for those wanting to join the IHAA is that you are committed to our objective, that is:
To try to enable horseback archery to fulfil its potential in developing as a competitive international sport; one that can be enjoyed across the spectrum, from grass roots to top international competition.


We want to allow horseback archery to evolve through open discussion and debate of how things can be best done, and improve the sharing of information.





Uniformity of rules and scoring systems


We will not force the use of our rules on you for general use but you should recognise the value of this ideal.


Of course our standard rules must be used when participating in the postal matches or grading system.

Worldwide participation in postal matches


Comparisons can be made between one's performance in different competitions.


Meaningful records can be kept.


Competitors can maximise performance at competitions by knowing exactly how the event will run in advance so that appropriate training can be done. 
Less experienced horsearchers will have greater confidence to participate in events due to the familiarity of the event compared to their training.

International postal matches


** open to everyone, regardless of affiliation to the IHAA or any club / school **


Bimonthly challenges set by affiliated groups

Improved feeling of community and friendship by competing together


People of all levels can work on bettering their placing month on month


A gentle introduction to competition for beginners.


Practice at coping with competition stress / performance anxiety without leaving your home training ground. 

Grading system


** Participation optional ** 

** IHAA affiliation is required for groups to run grading but not for individuals to participate, they can just find the nearest organisation running the grading system and submit scores to them**


If you run this system we ask that you keep records of which grades have been achieved in your group to share centrally at the end of the year



The student and horsearcher grades are set up so that horseback archers of all levels can set themselves an achievable target to work towards.

Calendar of competitions and training events to be held across the world



Improved communication


Allow competitors to plan further in advance and reduce the chance of the dates of competitions clashing.


Better access to training abroad with experts from those in countries lacking expert coaches

Keep records of competition results
Database of events and courses

Have a centrally located source of information that can be accessed by anyone


Allow people to find new courses to add interest and variation to their training; or identify courses that will allow them to fine tune their training on specific skills (eg. long distance shooting, off-side shots, more taxing horsemanship)


Expose a wider variety of people to events that are of historic importance or are restricted geographically, eg Yabusame.

If, after reading the above, you feel you are thinking along the same lines as us and are keen to get involved with the IHAA then please get in touch.


There is no cost associated with affiliation.


Only one member group per country can affiliate - the IHAA promtes cooperation and integration, and encourages any fragmented groups in countries to work together. All groups who affiliate are encouraged to play an active role in any discussions and votes within the IHAA committee, and to promote the ethos and activities of the IHAA within their country.


Let us know if you are keen to run the grading system in your country. It would normally be done through the IHAA affiliated group acting as a local awarding body. Speak to your IHAA rep or get in touch with us in cases of difficulty; we are keen for as many as possibly to be able to be involved in the grading program. We require that national grade awarding bodies keep records of the grades achieved that can be returned to us annually. Get in touch with us regarding the purchase of grading badges.


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