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In 2014 the European Horseback Archery Grand Prix Series will involve 22 riders from 4 countries - Poland, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain, 5 of these riders will compete in all 3 stages. The age range of competitors in this competition series is 12 years to 60s; horseback archery is a sport for all, with men and women competing as equals; indeed in last year's World Championships the US team included a lady in her sixties and a gentleman of 75. Across the 3 Grand Prix stages 27 horses and ponies will be used - there is no typical breed used for mounted archery, the temperament is the most important consideration; preferences vary between countries and riders and range from quarterhorses, Spanish breeds, Icelandic horses, warmbloods, Arabs and Turkmens, to draught crosses. Mounts are provided by the competition organisers so riders will generally have only ridden their horse for less than an hour before competing on them. The competition stages are being hosted by Poland (spring), Sweden (summer) and Great Britain (autumn).


The Series was devised by Emil Eriksson (Swe), Anders O Jonsson (Swe) and Claire and Dan Sawyer (UK), and this is the first year we have run the series. We would like to thank the Horseback Archery Associations of Poland, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain for their work in organising competitions and providing teams. Plans are already afoot to increase the number of participating countries next year and we are finding that the international horseback archery community is following the emergence of this series with great interest.



Photos which may be downloaded & used to accompany articles.

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Claire Sawyer riding Niagara 





Dan Sawyer riding Todo in an International match against Sweden in the UK






Claire Sawyer riding Amy at a competition in Germany








Damian Stenton riding Akina








The competitors after the 2nd stage competition of the 2014 European Grand Prix Series in Sweden. 

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