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The Grand Prix Series is a team competition. In each event the points scored by each team member are added together to make a team total score.  Each team’s total score is used to calculate the teams’ positions in that event.  Grand Prix points are then awarded according to team position within the event, as follows:


Rank                 1        2        3        4       5       6       7      8      9      10

GP points       25      20      15      11      8       6       4      3      2       1


If a team contains fewer members than are allowed, they still just add the scores of those riders, there is no allowance made / average calculated. If a country fails to send a team to an event they score zero GP points.

The GP points for each event (calculated as per the above table) are added to calculate:

i.  The team placings for each stage (adding the GP points for each event in a stage)

ii.  A team's position for the whole season (adding the GP point for all events in all stages)

In the event of 2 countries finishing with the same GP point cumulative total at the end of the year the country with the greater number of 1st places (of the team in events) will win. If this is tied the team with the greater number of 2nd places will win; and so on.



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