Teams - this list will be updated as entries are confirmed, until the closing date of 30th June

Australia 1st IX

Australia Juniors

Canada 1st IX

Denmark 1st IX
Finland 1st IX

France 1st IX

France Juniors

Germany 1st IX
Great Britain 1st IX

Great Britain YR & Jnrs combined

Holland 1st IX

Holland YR & Jnrs combined

Hungary 1st IX

Hungary Young riders

Hungary Juniors

IHAA mixed nationality team (Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, Slovakia)

iHBA international team

Italy 1st IX

Kazakhstan 1st IX

Malaysia 1st IX

Poland 1st IX

Russia 1st IX

Russia Juniors

South Africa 1st IX

Spain 1st IX

Sweden 1st IX

Sweden Juniors

Turkey 1st IX
Turkey Juniors
USA 1st IX
USA YR & Jnrs combined

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