The Combined Horseback Archery Event

Bringing together the varied challenges of the 3 events:








Three phases - one sport

Archer & horse - one partnership


The IHAA recognises those archers and horses with the versatility to perform well in all 3 disciplines and realise the skills and nuance of each. The true pinnacle of our sport.

At the IHAA meeting in February 2018 it was agreed that the IHAA’s focus would be to establish a new horseback archery discipline, where skills and adaptability to score well in different styles are recognised. A World Championships, European Championships and Grand Prix Series will all run this discipline using a standardised set of rules.

This will be a combined competition of the 3 events: Hungarian, Korean and Polish. They each contribute equally to a competitor's result (where a competitor scores match points according to their score as a % of the highest score achieved in that particular event - so there is a maximum of 300 match points available within the competition)

In making this combined event our focus we acknowledge the skill involved in being able to master the 3 diverse events. Just as in 3-day eventing, where a rider and horse must be versatile and skilled in the varied events of dressage, showjumping and cross country, a horseback archer must show similar versatility in this event. It will require greater horsemanship and archery expertise than mastering any single element.

They correlate as follows:
- Hungarian [dressage] precision, patience, rhythm of horse
- Korean [showjumping] precision, agility, speed, dynamism
- Polish [cross-country jumping, agility, adaptability, presence of mind, bravery, endurance


The competition layout will be the three disciplines run to standard rules, normally taking place over three days. There will be two rule sets published by the IHAA - the long-course and the short-course options, to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this discipline regardless of track length restrictions at different sites. The long-course is the one that will be used in major championships.

Long-course = Hungarian100 (100m track, 9 runs), K235 (150m track) & Polish track

Short-course = Hungarian90 (90m track, 6 runs), K233 (90m track) & Polish track


The IHAA very much hopes that this new horseback archery discipline will bring together horsearchers from across the world, from different hba origins. We're sure that it will challenge us all, as archers and horsemen & women.

Many thanks to Wojtek Osiecki (Poland) and Hilary Merrill (USA) for their vision in suggesting that we formalise and share this mix of events.

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