Great Britain Squad

Stage 1, Hungary:  Oisin Curtis, Michael Ruby, Adam Snowball

Stage 2, Sweden:  Simon Harding, Claire Sawyer, Dan Sawyer

Final stage, Poland:  Oisin Curtis, Laura George, Danielle Johnston

Dan Sawyer

(GB Team Captain)


Age: 35

Height: 5'10"

Profession: Barrister for the Crown Prosecution Service

Education: St Johns College, Cambridge (Law degree) & The College of Law (Bar Vocational Course)

Lives in West Sussex, UK       



Horseback archery experience: ​Dan took up archery in late 2008 and broke several county records in his first season.  He has competed in target and field archery and took up horseback archery in 2010.  He is the current British champion and has competed in the World Championships, EOCHA, HUNOCHA and the Kassai Open World Championships.

Dan also studies the history and science of archery and writes about both in his well-read blog. Last year he presented a paper on the ​​History of ​​Horseback ​​Archery in Britain to the World Horseback Archery Federation (WHAF).  He is Chairman of the BHAA and Head of Disputes Committee for WHAF. In 2013 he received the Order of World Horseback Archery from WHAF.


Equipment: 38lb Border Ghillie Dhu & Easton aluminium arrows



Other interests: Dan is a keen student of military history and also enjoys learning about the weirdness of the universe by reading about physics and cosmology.  He is also a keen leatherworker, making archery equipment as well as belts, wallets and bit of horse tack.

Oisin Curtis


Age: 28

Height: 6'1"

Profession:  Riding instructor / Head groom

Education:  Duchy College, Open University (currently studying Degree in Physics)

Lives in Cornwall, UK


Horseback archery experience: Oisin started doing a little bit of horseback archery at home in 2012. He was initially self taught but has had more training since and changed from Mediterranean to thumb draw last summer. He competed for the first time, on the GB B team, at the International Match against Sweden in 2013.
At home he has access to 2 horses to train on, and a 90m track ... when the weather is suitable! He is currently sponsored by the yard he works for, Old Mill Stables.

Equipment: 35lb Kaya Windfighter and Easton Platinum Plus Aluminium arrows


Other interests: Oisin is currently studying for a degree in Physics with the Open University, when he isn't working. He enjoys listening to music, cross country, photography, building computers, astronomy, and meeting new people. He also is a regular volunteer for Riding for the Disabled.


Chris Harding


Age: 34

Height: 5'10"

Profession: Chemical Engineer

Education: MEng Chemical Engineering, University of Nottingham

Lives in Surrey, UK


Horseback archery experience: Chris has been riding since Katie Pony arrived on Christmas morning when he was 10. He enjoyed pony club games and hunting until he left home.

Chris met Frances in 2004 and discovered that she had a burning desire to learn to ride so she could shoot arrows off a horse. Happy birthday Frances 2007 was a trip to Somerset to meet Karl and Zana Greenwood and learn horseback archery. Now married with 2 dogs, a daughter Zana (plus another child due in April) and two horse-bows, they haven’t looked back! The next project is to afford a field into which to put a horse.

Chris was the highest scoring horse-archer at his first international competition; the GB v Sweden match in June '13.

Equipment: 40lb Kaya KTB with aluminium Easton arrows


Other interests: Professionally, Chris is a chartered chemical engineer at BP and works in Angola. When he’s not practising archery, looking after Zana or dogs, he enjoys mountain-biking, skiing and beer.

Simon Harding


Age: 19

Height: 5"10" 

Profession: Archery Coach for several primary schools and is also a qualified personal trainer

Education: BETEC sport and exercise science, level 3 personal trainer   

Lives in Essex, UK


Horseback archery experience: Simon sat on his first pony at six weeks old and has been riding and an active member of Pony Club from three years of age. He started training himself in horseback archery in 2011 and found the BHAA and the Centre of Horseback Combat in 2013. Simon spends all his time practising and training two of his Haflingers. Simon is sponsored/supported by BA Risk Management (also known as his grandfather).

Equipment: 50lb Samick SKB 50 


Other interests: Simon volunteers for Riding for the Disabled and in 2012 was a Young Games Maker for the London Olympics.

Claire Sawyer


Age: 36

Height: 5'4"

Profession: Veterinary surgeon

Education: Newnham College, Cambridge (degree in Veterinary Medicine and Zoology)

Lives in West Sussex, UK


Horseback archery experience: Claire first tried horseback archery in 2009 with a childhood of horseriding lessons and 18mths of target archery experience under her belt. She doesn't have her own horse but has still gone on to represent GB at the European Open (EOCHA) in 2010 and the World Championships in 2011 (coming 4th in the Korean single shot and winning a bronze medal in Team Mogu) and 2013.

​Claire is on the British Horseback Archery Association committee (as competitions' organiser) and is president of the International Horseback Archery Alliance. 

Equipment: 35lb Saluki Damascus & aluminium Easton Eclipse arrows


Other interests: Claire and Dan have 2 sons aged 4 and 5; she also enjoys dog agility and tentpegging (mounted skill-at-arms with lance and sword). In the past Claire did lots of wildlife and sports photography and, whilst at Cambridge, represented the university in modern pentathlon, rifle shooting and rowing, and attended Sandhurst, gaining a Territorial Army commission.

Adam Snowball


Age: 29

Height: 5'6"

Profession:  Proprietor of a Retail & Online IT Store

Education:  CCNA, HNC in IT

Lives in Buckinghamshire, UK


Horseback archery experience: Adam discovered horseback archery in 2012 and prior to that had no riding experience and very little archery experience to speak of. He has since turned horseback archery into an obsession and has attended every UK competition since. In the 2013 BHAA National he achieved first place in two of the four events(Mamluk & Qabaq) and then in 2014 came second overall. In 2014 he started competing internationally as part of Team GB and individually, competing in Poland, Hungary and Sweeden. He has had a promising start to 2015, earning first place in two events(Texas triple & Comanche attack) and coming third overall at the US Spring Championship in Texas.
Adam served as the BHAA secretary from 2013-2014 and is currently serving as the BHAA Chairman.

Equipment: KAYA Windfighter 45# with Easton Eclipse arrows.


Other interests: Adam is involved in the re-enactment group, Comitatus, displaying late Roman & Greek cavalry, infantry & living displays within the UK. He has a history of competitive on-line PC games.



Jon Savage


Age: 49

Height: 6'1"

Profession: Pricing Analyst

Education: York University (Economics)

Lives in Kent, UK


Horseback archery experience: Jon started horseback archery in 2011 from an occasional riding background. After a (very) brief attempt to learn to joust he tried HBA, and has been a convert ever since. He has yet to compete abroad but has participated in most of the UK competitions since 2011.

Equipment: Samick SKB 30lb, Wooden arrows


Other interests: Jon lives in Kent with his wife and 2 daughters. Other interests include improving his riding, travelling, and reading.

Alex Lockwood


Age: 21

Height: 5'2"

Profession: relief milking, elf sitter and self-employed groom

Education: Level 3 animal management & Level 3 apprenticeship in work based agriculture 

Lives in Wiltshire, UK


Horseback archery experience: 

Alex was first introduced to horseback archery in 2014 when she met Claire at CoHC. She has then taken the opportunity to train here and over in Ireland with the West Cork Horsearchers. Alex’s first international competition will be the stage 2 of the Grand Prix series in France.

Equipment: KAYA windfighter bow 25lb


Other interests: 

Alex spends her spare time reading and looking after her two cats, she is also a member of the Styx of Stroud Morris side and does regular dance outs

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