Horseback Archery European Championships

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The Horseback Archery European Championships took place over the weekend of 23-15th June in the FFE's Parc Equestre Federal in Lamotte-Beuvron, France. 

It was a huge success thanks to the vision and hard work of many people but we must thank individually: FITE, the FFE, Alan le Gall, Frederic Luneau, and collectively the judges, organisers, helpers and especially the horses and their owners. Approaching 80,000 people came past our competition rings during the 3 days of competition and we should all be proud of the professional event they witnessed.

Even at such a big event the friendliness and mutual support shone through. Long may this continue as it makes our sport even more special to be a part of. The IHAA was proud to be associated with such a fantastic competition and we hope that the future will hold further such successful alliances as we continue to develop our sport. 

In this competition individuals and teams of 4 were recognised for their achievements in the combination of 3 events - the Hungarian (H99 track), the Korean (K235 Grand Prix track) and the Polish track (1.2km with 3D targets) - which were weighted equally, points being awarded as a % of the winner's score in each event, towards a potential total of 300pts. Success in this competition was truly an indication of all round skill and horsemanship in different situations.

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Competition arenas

Hungarian track in front, Korean track behind