Arena X Course

The general rules for arena tracks apply


Total track length = 198m
Track width = 2m
Par time = 40-47s

Minimum time = 33s

Maximum time = 51s

Black numbers = Target numbers.

White numbers = Order and position from where to shoot the targets with the corresponding number.

Please setup the targets and borders of the track as explained in the drawing

Below is and explanation of the targets with behind it the coördinates of where their centre should be, it's defined as (x - y) like in a graph. Example: if you start out in the lower left corner of the map, target 1 is 9 metres to the right and 8 meters up. The drawing is made to scale and can be used as a guide when setting up the track.

1: side shot (9 - 8)
2: back shot (20 - 4)
3: side shot (25 – 10)
4: side shot (see 3)
5: front shot (20 - 6)
6: front shot (2 - 19)
7: back shot (20 - 14)
8: side shot (see 3)

9: side shot (see 3)

10: side shot (20 - 16)

11: side shot (9 - 12)

Left handers
Targets without numbers are to be used for left handers. Left handers use the same start and finish, but go through the startiing gate the other way around.

Track specific rules

  • Arrows may be shot from bowhand, from quiver or a combination of both.


  • Speed

- Par time = 40 – 47 seconds. For every second faster OR slower than this time one point will be deducted from the score. Runs faster than 33 seconds or slower than 51 seconds will be disqualified (counted as 0).

  • Targetpoints

- Standard scoring of 1 – 5 points.

  • Correct lead points
    - The correctness of the lead is judged solely on the moment the horse passes the AC-line
    - For every turn at A and C in the correct lead the rider will get 2 points.*
    - For every turn at A and C in the wrong lead the rider will lose 3 points.
    - Turns taken in trot will have no effect on the score.

  • Bonuspoints
    - If 3 or more arrows hit their target, the rider gets 1 point for each arrow hit.


*Bonuspoints for correct lead are only awarded if the rider has hit at least 4 targets.

Safety notes

Judges should pay extra attention if the rider misses a target. These arrows could end up on the track while the rider still has to pass over them. Abort the run if there is danger. To reduce the chance of arrows landing on the track, arrow nets can be placed behind the targets.

Developed by: Arno Hendriks

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