Arena course matches

​More chances to compete and more fun. Those were the two main goals in mind when we developped the arena course matches. There are very few riding schools with 90 meter tracks compared to the amount of riding schools with 40x20m arenas and most 90 meter tracks are not safe to ride during the winter.

Accessible for anyone with an arena

So why not set up a postal competition with courses that fit exactly in a 40x20 arena? This way, any riding school or anyone with an arena can participate in an official horseback archery match!

New possibilities

Adapting existing straight tracks to an arena has been done previously by keeping them straight and making them shorter. But here arena courses have been developed in their own right, making full use of the arena and using it to train the horse and rider on both sides.

More emphasis on riding

The above means in the arena courses there will be more emphasis on riding your horse. And that means a par time range and minus points for going through a turn in the wrong lead for example. The idea is to encourage more balance, consistency, and versatility in horse training, such that more archery horses will be able to pick up either canter lead easily and be able to go various speeds for different activities.

Walk, trot and canter

To make these matches accessible for everyone, all tracks can be ridden in walk, trot and canter. We have separate general rules for the walk and trot versions.

Shorter matches and more fun

Riders can spend much less time on their horses in an arena course match. Therefore more riders can use the same horse, making it easier for organisers to have an arena postal match. The short time the match takes should also make it more fun to partcipate and more exciting to watch!

General rules for Arena Postals

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Arena Courses

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