Arena course matches general rules



General rules,- Applicable to all arena course matches


  1. The layout of the track is to be marked: e.g. with poles on the ground or with (preferably easily breakable) ropes and pylons. The edge off the white areas on the map is where these boundaries should be

  2. The track should be designed in such a way that both left and right canter of the horse are tested.

  3. The track layout should be 'mirrorable', meaning the layout should still look the same if the track is mirrored at the BE-line, AC-line or one of the diagonals. This creates equal chances for lefthanded and righthanded horseback archers.

  4. The layout of the targets should be in such a way that at least one of the sides of the arena is safe for spectators.

  5. To reduce the chance of arrows flying out of the arena, the height of the targets can be anywhere between ground level and Korean height (centre 90cm +/- 10cm in height).

  6. As targetface the standard FITA 80 will be used, scoring 1 – 5 points.

  7. For calculating the par time we start out with the 9m every 2s rule. So a 180 m track has an advised time of 40s. Anywhere between +3,5 and -3,5s (rounded down to whole seconds) of this time is allowed (in this case the safe range is 36s – 43s). Times slower AND faster than the allowed time are punished with -1 point for every second. Runs 10,5s faster (rounded down) than the advised time (in this case runs of 29s or faster) or 7,5 seconds slower (rounded down) than the advised time (in this case 47s) will be disqualified (count as 0).

  8. When using a timing device, it is advised to use a stopwatch as backup in case the horse takes a wrong turn and runs through the finishing gate too early.

Competition procedure:

  1. Prior to the competition, all riders are allowed to get their horses warmed up and used to the arena at the same time. Shooting is not allowed during the warmup.

  2. After entering the arena during the competition, the rider can have approximately one minute to get his horse ready to go (going through the track is allowed in this time). After this the judge gives a 'go' signal and the rider will have to start his run within 30 seconds.

  3. It is allowed to start with an arrow nocked.

  4. If horse and rider take a wrong turn or go out off the track, the rider should get back on track at the point where he left the course as soon as possible and finish within the allowed time. Arrows shot while outside or in the wrong track will not be counted.

  5. It is not possible to score less than 0 points for a run.

  6. All riders get 2 runs, of these 2 runs only the highest scoring one will count.

  7. The rider gets 2 points for every time his horse is in the correct lead at the turns at A or C. In case of a wrong lead the rider will liose 3 points. It is allowed to take a turn in trot to prevent this, but shots fired from trot will not count.

  8. Arrows are only counted if they are shot while the horse was cantering.

  9. Unless stated otherwise, riders can only shoot one arrow at each target (unless a target is passed multiple times and the rider is required to shoot it again).

  10. If there is a jump in the course, the rider can decide before starting if he wants to have the poles of the jump removed (ride the course without jump) or not.
    Bonuspoints are awarded when a competitor jumps an obstacle:
    a. 3 points if it is a simple jump - ie not associated with a target.
    b. Where an obstacle is paired with a target; 5 points if the jump is taken AND the target is shot at (this bonus is in addition to the target score and is not dependent on hitting the target).
    c. Where an obstacle is paired with a target; no points are awarded for the jump if the competitor did not attempt to shoot the target associated with that jump
    There is no penalty for avoiding or refusing an obstacle.

  11. Points for jumps and the correct lead will only be awarded if the rider has shot at least 30 percent of the targets.

General rules for arena course matches ridden in walk or trot

  1. There is no par time, the rider has to load and shoot all his arrows from the chosen gate (walk or trot). If a trotting horse comes to a walk or a walking horse comes to a halt, the rider should focus solely on getting back to the intended gate and only then conitnue shooting the targets. Going back to walk or halt to load an arrow and then go on is not allowed.

  2. The riders are allowed to shoot two arrows at each target they pass, where both arrows will count.

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